Sales & Markets

We know that it’s not enough to be low cost at the mine.  We also want to be low cost on a delivered basis. Our ability to access multiple rail carriers as well as other modes of transportation such as river barge and trucks allow us to reach a wide range of customers at cost effective prices. Foresight’s coal production is consumed by electric utilities and industrial customers both inside and outside of the U.S.

Market Locations

Our primary target market in the United States primarily consists of power plants located in the eastern U.S. that have been updated with emission-control equipment needed to comply with existing and future environmental regulations.

Similarly our off-shore customers consist of utilities or intermediaries that use our coal at scrubbed power plants or blend our coal to meet local environmental emission standards.



Coal Quality

We have the ability to offer a range of product specifications and in addition can offer a quality blend. Listed below are three of our most popular product qualities.